EAGLE Layout editor

EAGLE ( Easily Applicable Graphics Layout Editor), a product from CADSOFT, has been the standard for Schematic layout and PCB fabrication for quite sometime now. Amongst its various features, the autorouting feature is amongst the best in class. Though the GUI takes time getting used to, the ease of use is surely addictive.

A note about similar tool in Linux – KiCAD ( extremely painful for your finger, needs TONS n TONS of clicks for a small thing like placing Resistor !! ), gEDA ( is basically a PSPICE equivalent, while the PCB-NEW software bundled along with gEDA has no autoroute feature )

Many people often inquire often Рis autorouting  feature available in the FREEWARE version of EAGLE.. The answer is a definitive YES !! You just need to click the right buttons (as i said, it takes time getting used to the GUI ).. I will list out the basic steps:

  • Get your schematic ready in LAYOUT EDITOR
  • click on “Schematic to Board” in the LAYOUT EDITOR
  • Now, EAGLE takes you to the BOARD EDITOR.
  • Click on GROUP button on the left panel
  • Select the complete circuit using the group tool
  • Select the MOVE button on the left panel
  • Right Click on the selected circuit, Choose “Move : Group” option
  • Drag the mouse to drag the circuit onto the pcb
  • Select GROUP button on the left panel again
  • Select the complete circuit
  • NOW, Click on Autoroute and OK in the window that opens. Tralaah… the circuit is ready for sending for PCB fabrication..
Eagle Layout Editor Icon

The Download link For EAGLE is given below :

  1. Windows Version
  2. Linux Version
  3. Mac Version

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