Extract audio from video files

Many a times, we have to make do with video files, when the audio songs are not readily available.. Another magical software package in Linux provides a simple, yet very powerful audio extraction technique from video files.

NOTE: Make sure you have both ffmpeg and mplayer installed in your system.

su -c ‘yum install ffmpeg* mplayer’

Now, once these are available, just use the following command to extract the audio :

mplayer -dumpaudio video_file.flv -dumpfile new_audio_file.mp3

Convert Youtube video format

In case you want to convert the format of the videos you download from Youtube from flv to say, mpg.. the fabulously powerful DSP codec pack ffmpeg is the tool you need..

Just ensure that ffmpeg is installed in your system.. Follow the steps given to complete the requirement…

  • su -c ‘yum install ffmpeg*’
  • ffmpeg -i old_flv_file.flv new_file_name.mpg

The input file old_flv_file.flv, specified after the “-i” option, gets converted to new_file_name.mpg

Download YouTube videos from Terminal

If you are a YouTube fan, and have always wanted to download the tons of videos available online from Linux based distros, there are quite a few good options available, like Flashgot (Firefox plugin), etc.

However, if you are of the CLI-types, and prefer a Terminal based solution, just download and install youtube-dl

su -c ‘yum install youtube-dl’

And you are done.. now use it in the following way and enjoy 🙂

youtube-dl video_url