yum rocks !!!! :)

With F15 (Fedora 15) in its final stages before release, have been playing around with my F15 system alot more in the past few days.. Recently observed a REAL nice feature in yum, which has made me a BIG BIG fan of it’s..

Had forgotten that i didnt have deltaiso rpm package installed in my system. So, i typed :

applydeltaiso old.iso delta.diso new.iso

and this is the output :

yum installing the package providing the command

Well, as can be seen.. yum found the command in a package, and after permission from the user, installed the required package and the dependencies on its own !!! In my view, its a FANTASTIC feature.. the user doesnt have to worry which package provides the command..

Am not sure if this was there in earlier releases of yum, but its a great great feature 🙂 Glad to have discovered it finally, in case the feature existed since before.. and yes, kudos to the yum team !!