yum rocks !!!! :)

With F15 (Fedora 15) in its final stages before release, have been playing around with my F15 system alot more in the past few days.. Recently observed a REAL nice feature in yum, which has made me a BIG BIG fan of it’s..

Had forgotten that i didnt have deltaiso rpm package installed in my system. So, i typed :

applydeltaiso old.iso delta.diso new.iso

and this is the output :

yum installing the package providing the command

Well, as can be seen.. yum found the command in a package, and after permission from the user, installed the required package and the dependencies on its own !!! In my view, its a FANTASTIC feature.. the user doesnt have to worry which package provides the command..

Am not sure if this was there in earlier releases of yum, but its a great great feature 🙂 Glad to have discovered it finally, in case the feature existed since before.. and yes, kudos to the yum team !!

Yum presto plugin rocks!!

Magic of Yum presto plugin

Magic of Yum presto plugin

The Delta rpm feature in yum rocks! Gone are the days when you had to wait, and wait, thanks to the limited net speed available to many amongst us, for the updates to download and then install.. Delta rpm feature enabled by the yum plugin” Presto”, downloads only the changes (in terms of mathematics, the “DELTA” change ) of a package from the earlier version present in your system.

For installing this plug-in, just type in the terminal :

su -c ‘yum install yum-presto’

Once installed, a change is to be made in the fedora-updates.repo, as given below:

nano /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates.repo

NOW, comment the mirrorlist line by preceding it with ‘#’ sign and add the following line:


And, your done!! The screenshot above shows the immense power of Delta rpms.. For more information, visit:


Atmel’s AVR microcontrollers rock!!

AVR series of microcontrollers are amazing! Availability of tons of information about the hardware as well as software part as open source has added gems to the MCU. just made the USB programmer for it ( USBasp) and its working like heaven. Now, no more dependance on the Old desktops.. my laptop is rearing to “burn” many a AVR’s in the future..

Three cheers to AVR!!