Multiple commands from a single Keyboard Shortcut

After doing the keyboard binding, i wanted to experiment further and try to run multiple commands from the single keyboard shortcut. Basically, the inspiration was managing the OLD style eject operation found in Gnome, wherein the notification daemon used to show : “Ejecting Media Drive” followed by the eject operation.

After alot of tricks (even trying putting semi-colon between commands in the keyboard shortcut assigning window, which grandly failed !!), i zeroed in onto creating a simple bash script :

notify-send -i /usr/share/icons/gnome-colors-common/scalable/notifications/notification-device-eject.svg “Eject” “Ejecting Media Device”

NOTE THAT you need the libnotify-cil or libnotify-cli package in your distro to make the above shown notification happen.

Thats it. Save the file (name = in your homefolder somwehere, say : /home/laptop/Public/

Now, perform the following steps:

  1. in your terminal, type : chmod +x /home/laptop/Public/
  2. Now, open Keyboard Shortcut Window from preferences menu
  3. Click on ADD button
  4. Name the entry as Eject CD Drive
  5. Enter the command as : /home/laptop/Public/
  6. Click OK
  7. Click on extreme right of the new entry you  just made
  8. Specify your keyboard binding for this entry.

And its done.. When you press the key combinations you just specified, it’ll show up the notification as shown in the image above. ENJOY !!!

Broken Eject keyboard shortcut in Gnome 2.30

There  is a configurable and pre-defined keyboard shortcut in GNOME for CD drive eject, suited especially for keyboard junkies who hate to take their hands off the keyboard for any operation.. However, since previous 2-3 releases of GNOME, i have observed that the keyboard shortcut binding is broken.. in the sense, that it doesn’t work.

So, i defined my own custom shortcut from the “Keyboard Shortcuts” window in Preference menu of Gnome based Distro, by the following method :

  1. Click on ADD button in “Keyboard Shortcut” window
  2. Specify a name for the keyboard shortcut you are defining (in my case: EJECT CD DRIVE)
  3. in the command text box, specify : eject
  4. Click OK to get a new entry in the shortcuts window (at the bottom)
  5. Click on the entry at extreme right hand side
  6. Press the key combinations you desire for the binding.

And you are done ! try pressing the keyboard combination, and you’ll see it working absolutely fine.