OpenCV with video support in recent Linux distros

There were days when we had to painstakingly go through the manual install process for getting OpenCV running on our systems. Those days are long gone, and for the good. Current day distros bundle both OpenCV and ffmpeg in their … Continue reading

Configure CodeBlocks to compile OpenCV codes

CodeBlocks is one of the IDE(s) that i prefer using due to its simplicity and fast interface. Plus the benefit of having MATLAB like command suggestions. The steps are outlined below: Search the path where opencv is installed in your … Continue reading

Install OpenCV 2.3 with video support in Fedora 15

Much has changed since OpenCV 2.0.. android support, CUDA support, etc are up and running. So is the change in the method of installing OpenCV. So, i though to quickly jot down the steps to follow for a painless install. … Continue reading

Install OpenCV in Linux with video (ffmpeg) support

Faced with the task of running Computer Vision problems in Linux environment, i started googling for the methods.. Though i found the install steps at many places, but my install always failed, getting stuck while doing a make operation on … Continue reading