Recording from Kinect for offline Kinect-less development

Fakenect, allows for hacking and playing with the libfreenect library without the need for having an actual Kinect device. Assuming you have a pre-“recorded” data, all that needs to be done is:

fakenect <path_to_data_folder> <your_application> <parameters>

For e.g., if we need to run freenect-glcview, that comes bundled with libfreeenct library, we need to execute it as:

fakenect <path_to_data_folder> freenect-glcview

and we’ll get access to the pre-recorded data as though an actual Kinect device was connected! Now comes the interesting part.. How to record such a data? We could do it using freenect-record that comes bundled with libfreenect, but it doesnt let the user know what is being captured due to absence of any GUI.

kinect_record is a nice little code meant to record and show what is being recorded simultaneously. However, compiling this little gem needs some tweaking to the Makefile.linux that comes bundled along:

search for the location where freenect.h is located in your system:

  • locate libfreenect.h (for my system, its something like: /usr/include/libfreenect/libfreenect.h)

copy the path till libfreenect/ (for my system, it will be: /usr/include/libfreenect/). Open Makefile.linux and edit the CFLAGS variable to look like:

  • CFLAGS=-g -Wall -I/usr/include/libfreenect -I/usr/include

This should be enough in most of the cases. I hit an additional error message: undefined reference to symbol ‘pthread_key_delete GLIBC_2.2.5’. This was resolved using this suggestion and the corresponding edit to LDFLAGS variable makes it look like:

  • LDFLAGS = -lfreenect -lGL -lGLU -lm -lglut -L /lib64 -l pthread

That should be it! Just type make and the executable should be ready. To execute it, type:

  • ./kinect-record <path_to_folder>

and enjoy hacking using libfreenect without needing the actual Kinect device!

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