Nice features in TeXLive 2012

Tried TeXLive 2012 in Fedora 18 Beta today. Till now, whenever needed to create / edit tex files, used to install TeXMaker, and it pulled in most of the TeXLive dependencies. Unfortunately, that didnt happen this time around.

dvips, psfrags.sty and cmr10.tfm didnt get installed leading to errors like : Error could not start command, dvips: couldnt find header file : and dvips: i can’t find cmr10.tfm respectively, when trying to compile a tex file. It was then that i found a really convenient feature introduced in TeXLive 2012.

To install any of the above missing TeXLive packages (or for that matter, any missing TeXLive package), all that we need to do is :

sudo yum install ‘tex(dvips)’

sudo yum install ‘tex(psfrag.sty)’

sudo yum install ‘tex(cmr10.tfm)’

(Please substitute ‘yum install’ with ‘apt-get install’ if you’re using a Debian-derivative)

And we are done! Easy and so convenient.. helps avoid frantically searching for the missing packages.. Kudos to the TeXLive developers. But why the packages were missing in the first place, is something that am trying to figure out.

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