Database Error while running Yum

Quite a few times, my patience runs out with the net connection provided to us, and in my frustration, i use the magical Ctrl+C combinations to cancel a currently going on yum updating process. And to my horror, the next yum update process results in something like this :

dB Berkeley Error…  Refresh the database.. etc etc

and yum doesnt work only after that.

If your facing a similar problem, not to worry.. yum will be back to square one and onto its effacing best, by running the following commands:

rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*        # eliminate cache and locks
rpm –rebuilddb -vv              # recreate primary key indicies

The 2nd command will take sometime to run.. chill.relax and run yum install process or update process without any worries next time 🙂

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