Remote Control Amarok using Bluetooth enabled Cellphone

Now, this one is for those who swear by the term – LAZY!! Ever felt the need to have a remote, controlling songs being played in Amarok, or for that matter, changing a seemingly annoying song or may be change the volume level as per the ambience without getting up from the good old bed… if so, READ ON

Download Amarok Remote Control from the link given alongside.Transfer the software (its a .hid file) to your phone.Sony Ericsson phones detect it as remote control software and hence directs it to the remote control sub panel, while other phones store it in ‘Others’ folder.

Now, follow the steps given in the page of the above provided link.. and your done!!! you now are a proud owner of a Remote Controlled Amarok!!!

PS: has been found to work on all W-series and K-series phones of Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson phones also include a Remote control program, using which I was freely browsing my laptop as a remote user via bluetooth.. The only thing required is the following command in the terminal, which sets up the link –

1. hcitool scan

2. sudo hidd –connect 00:11:22:33:44:55 (where, the nos. specify phone’s MAC ID, obtained after 1st step)

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