Converting OOXML format to Open Document Format

NOVELL has produced an easy get around to the problem of viewing OOXML formats in Linux environment.Just follow the procedure given below and enjoy:

  1. Install the programs rpm2cpio and cpio. If you run a system such as Fedora, run this command:sudo yum -y install cpio rpmIf you run Ubuntu, run this command:sudo apt-get install rpm libgif4
  2. Download odf-converter-1.1-7.i586.rpm for i386 systems or odf-converter-1.1-7.x86_64.rpm for x86_64 systems.
  3. Open terminal and change to the directory containing the rpm and unpack the rpm you just downloaded using commands like the following (log in as root in the terminal) –

cd '/home/download/'

rpm2cpio odf-converter*rpm | cpio -ivd

sudo cp usr/lib/ooo-2.0/program/OdfConverter /usr/bin

4. The ODF converter is ready to be used.Whenever format convertion is required, simply open the terminal window, change to the directory containing the file and type –

OdfConverter /i filename.docx

5. The Open Document version of the OOXML file will get generated in the same parent folder as the original file.Please Note that even .pptx, .xlsx files can also be converted using the same procedure.

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